About us


Zwaard en Volk offers products related to HEMA = Historical European Martial Arts such as sword fighting, reenactment, living history and just the medieval atmosphere.
Our main goal is QUALITY. I.e. solid products, historically correct products and appropriate materials. For whom forementioned is less important, we also have a collection of low-budget items.
In our shop in Tilburg you will find the biggest choice, significantly more than in the webshop, and you can see all the products 'life'. In addition, the advantage of a visit to our store is, for example, that clothing and protective gear can be fitted, and swords tried out.
Of course, products can also be ordered through our webshop. Products that are not listed with a delivery time, are normally in stock.
Finally, you can also find us at various medieval events, where we can always show a part of our assortment. 


For years we ourselves have been doing (sports) sword fighting, at fencing school De Zwaardkring, at many workshops and sometimes tournaments. We have also spent years doing reenactment and living history. Of course practical and also by studying many books, visiting museums, exchanging information with friends and colleagues, etc. As a result, we have extensive knowledge of historical correctness and what fits in which period. Our specialization is the 15th century. Additionally, we can advise you well about the right equipment for (sports) swordsmanship / HEMA. You can always expect our honest opinion.

Compagnie Gallimaufry

As Compagnie Gallimaufry we bring entertainment with music and street theater. Starting with medieval music, we now play music from all eras, such as the 17th century, Dickens era, and even rock on our historical instruments.We also provide sword fighting workshops and demonstrations, we have educational programs, we can provide a small camp in a medieval setting, etc.. For more information see our website www.compagniegallimaufry.com